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A vaginoplasty is a surgical procedure that tightens the vagina. This is done by removing excess of vaginal lining and tightening the surrounding soft tissues and muscles. It is done in our office under a local anesthesia.

During delivery of a baby the vagina and surrounding tissues and muscles become stretched. After delivery the vagina may return to a more "normal" size, but it often fails to return to its pre-pregnancy diameter. Generally, the more vaginal deliveries, the worse the condition gets. Many women will complain of decreased sensation and sexual satisfaction during intercourse. Commonly this is due to a lack of friction. Often their partner may notice a change although he may say nothing. Vaginoplasty surgery will tighten the vagina and surrounding tissues restoring the pre-children vaginal tightness.

We have also had numerous patients who feel loose although they have never had children. On the physical exam they indeed had a vaginal diameter that was greater than expected. Vaginoplasty surgery can help these women as well.*

Many years of experience in vaginal reconstructions made Dr. Hanna one of the best surgeons in Vaginoplasty.

Why would I want Vaginoplasty Surgery?

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Most women who desire Vaginoplasty complain of feeling "loose". They note decrease of friction during intercourse resulting in lower levels of sexual satisfaction and more difficulty in climaxing. Vaginoplasty will increase friction during intercourse. After surgery, the vaginal tightness is similar to the pre-baby days. You will easily feel the difference and so will your partner.*

Who performs the surgery?

Dr Hanna, M.D. is a very experienced, board certified cosmetic gynecologist with an excellent track record of vaginal surgery. He is board certified in England and the United States and has been in private practice for more than 25 years at our office in Oxnard, Ventura County.

What is my next step, if I'm interested in vaginal rejuvenation?

Dr. Hanna and his staff will be happy to discuss this with you in complete privacy and utmost confidentiality. To schedule a private consultation call Dr. Hanna's office at 805-988-2638 and talk to his friendly staff. Or you might want to schedule a consultation online.

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FAQs about Vaginoplasty

What are the risks associated with Vaginoplasty Surgery?

The most common risks of surgery may include bleeding, infection, and scarring, however these are very unusual. Bleeding is controlled at the time of surgery and antibiotics are given postoperatively to prevent infection. With our surgical techniques scarring is very rare.

Where is the Vaginoplasty Surgery performed?

The surgery is performed in our surgical room inside our office so you feel very comfortable.

What is the average length of Vaginoplasty Procedure?

The average length of vaginoplasty procedure is between 1 and 2 hours. An additional hour is spent in our recovery room under the supervision of a Registered Nurse.

What type of anesthesia is used for Vaginoplasty?

We perform this procedure under a local anesthesia. You don't have any feeling in the surgical area but you can talk, listen to the music and even laugh!

What is the postoperative period like?

You will have discomfort at the surgical site for the first few days which will then decrease. Patients are sent home with prescriptions for pain medications and antibiotics. Full healing takes approximately six weeks. All sutures used are absorbable and therefore do not need to be removed.

When can I return to work after Vaginoplasty Surgery?

Most patients return to work within two to three weeks.

FAQs about Vaginoplasty

When can I resume sexual activity after Vaginoplasty?

In approximately four to six weeks after surgery.

Do you offer a consultation prior?

We encourage you to have a consultation first to see, if you are a candidate for the procedure. Just call our office at 805-988-2638 to schedule a consultation or you can schedule a consultation online. If you have concerns that you would like to discuss first but you are not ready yet to discuss them over the phone or in person, please e-mail us. We will be happy to address your concerns and help you with decisions.

How much is the fee for the consultation?

The initial consultation is FREE. However, you decide to also have a physical exam, then the cost is 150 dollars, which will be deducted from the total surgery fee, if you decide to have the procedure.

Can Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty Procedures be done at the same time?

Yes. Both procedures can be done at the same time.

Does insurance cover the cost of Vaginoplasty Surgery?

Insurance usually does not cover this surgery because it is considered cosmetic or elective.

Are Financing Plans Available?

Yes. We have several financing options including an option of financing with no interest. Read our Financing Options page.

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And one more time..

Can we keep everything confidential?

We maintain complete patients’ confidentiality.

Am I a good candidate for a vaginoplasty?

You may be a candidate if you have one or more of the following conditions:

  1. If you feel "loose" during intercourse.
  2. If you had several childbirths.


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