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Many couples report more satisfying love making, more tightness, greater sensation and satisfaction and a belief that the surgery has helped their sexual life.*

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Vaginal Rejuvenation:
Labiaplasty and Vaginoplasty*

*There's no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary from person to person.

I had a Vaginoplasty operation lately with Dr. Hanna that has helped change my entire life. Before I had this operation, I was uncomfortable about the appearance of my genitalia. I had always felt a hindrance when engaged in a relationship and that my sexuality was contained. During that moment, I am determined to undergo vaginal rejuvenation.

When I discovered La Nouvelle I felt as though a miraculous event had took place, and the most sensitive matter in my life was all of a sudden opened up by a great doctor who listened and understood my self deprecation. I trusted Doctor Hanna's expertise and felt safe discussing the changes I wanted to happen pertaining to the surgery. He was very calm which helped relieve my tension and introduced himself in the most intelligent and professional way. He was very thorough in explaining the entire procedure and brought clarity to my worries and anxiety.

I decided to undergo the operation and it has been amazing. The success of the operation is indescribable. The recovery only took 3 weeks and I regularly visited Dr. Hanna for a couple of sessions to check my progress. No scarring and there has been no threat to my health since I took the operation. The before and after visible appearance is fantastic and has brought comfort and contentment to my life which leads to my emotional benefits such as improved self-worth and self-esteem and most of all, the enhancement of my sexual experience as well as my partner's. Thank you so much!

Joyce S. (Los Angeles, CA)

Dr. Hanna is very “talented” and he makes use both medical and artistic expertise in achieving the best result. His staff is extraordinary in which every patient is reassured and taken cared of at all times. They make sure that the physical aspect of the procedure is being handled properly showing great concern for the emotional well being of the patients. I felt that I was receiving the best medical care in my entire life during my Labiaplasty operation at La Nouvelle. Thank you all!

Deborah F. (San Diego, CA)

For the past 10 years I really felt inferior and dissatisfied after having 6 vaginal births.  I cannot imagine my frustration and insecurity about my sexual health.  I felt so embarrassed knowing I have so loosened and weak vaginal muscles that I could no longer give pleasure to my husband – both of us were really unsatisfied!  After I took a vaginoplasty surgery, I can now certainly feel the enhanced sexual gratification with my husband , just like what we felt when we were new lovers.  Thank you Dr. Hanna and staff for helping me bring back the excitement and contentment in my life!

Lisa P. (Monterey, CA)

I made several comparative researches about vaginal rejuvenation before I chose to come to La Nouvelle, Dr. Hanna. I’ve seen there are many doctors with as much experience as Dr. Hanna, however I liked how informative his website, the before & after photos are terrific and his records as a surgeon are outstanding. I am so happy I did a thorough research. During the consultation, he was very kind and friendly yet very professional. Dr. Hanna is really amazing and truly an artist. My labiaplasty surgery was a success; I am so thrilled with the results. My time, effort and money invested on the surgery have never been wasted. I could not have asked for a better surgeon.

C.K. ( Riverside, CA)

About 5 months ago I underwent a vaginal rejuvenation surgery. I am very happy to say that my results are even better than anticipated. The work was definitely handled carefully and honestly I didn’t feel a single pain.  My healing process was smooth and I felt as good as new.. I really feel confident now and I am so pleased with my appearance. I can say that sex is more enjoyable just as before. Thank you Dr. Hanna!

J.W (Fresno,CA)

I consulted Dr. Hanna because my labia were noticeably uneven. I felt uncomfortable wearing tight clothes especially swim suit. When I met Dr. Hanna, he was able to answer all my questions and uncertainties. He explained every detail of the entire procedure and he did not pressure me to make the decision right away . The surgery went unbelievably well and it really improved not just my confidence but my whole life. I can now wear tight clothes and bikinis without a doubt! I would truly recommend Dr. Hanna for any cosmetic surgery particularly vaginal rejuvenation.

Jessica R. ( Beverly Hills, Los Angeles)

I am 22 yrs old and I always feel low and embarrassed about my labia since they were too big. I always feel self conscious in bed with my boyfriend and I thought there was nothing I could do about it. When I heard about labiaplasty procedure, I decided to make a change and consulted Dr. Hanna. He extremely made me ecstatic about going through this procedure. Dr. Hanna and his staff were so great. The procedure was done and they really took good care of me. Recovery period has passed and I love my new labia now. Thank you so much for your outstanding care and service!

Stephanie R. (Paramount, Los Angeles)

I had a vaginoplasty done 3 months ago with Dr. Hanna. The entire staff was highly professional and made sure that I was taken care of before, during and after the surgery. They answered all my questions and made me at ease when I was nervous and anxious. I received exceptional care and attention from the whole staff and would certainly have future procedures only with Dr. Hanna - a great artist and a trusted surgeon.

Helen A. ( San Francisco, CA)

After giving birth to my third baby, everything has been changed terribly. Then I heard about the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation. Without thinking twice, I had it done with Dr. Hanna. I feel so great about the result but my husband is more thankful!! My sexual health has improved a lot after having a vaginal rejuvenation. Thank you for bringing the pleasure back into our sexual life.

Diane S. (Pacific Grove, Monterey)

Thank you so much for your incredible talent and expertise! I am completely satisfied with my results. Your staff was very professional and caring. They really made me feel comfortable and relaxed. I recovered so quickly and smoothly. Words are not enough to express my deepest gratitude!

Tricia E. (Richmond, Contra Costa)

I used to have more hair:) in the private area (shaving just a bikini area) when I met my boyfriend. Then, we decided that it would be better if I had less hair :). After that, I went to a salon to have it waxed and then I realized that my inner lips were very irregular - one was much bigger than another. It was so embarrassing. I felt very uncomfortable in front of my boyfriend. Then, one of my colleagues mentioned at work something about labiaplasty and, of course, I didn't show that the subject can interest me in any way - I was too shy to discuss such matters. But later on, I searched the web and found this site where I got all the information. I checked out the pictures and realized that I was not the only one - there were so many women with similar problems. It was too embarrassing first to call, so I e-mailed and got a response from Tammy, center's manager. She was very nice, explained to me all the procedures and made me feel very comfortable. She made it all possible. I did the Labiaplasty and I'm so happy about it now. I look and feel (which is the most important) so much better! I'm so grateful to Dr. Hanna and staff for making me new me!!!

Maria S, California

I would like to thank Dr Hanna for changing my life. I was single at the time I had the surgery (vaginal rejuvenation). After talking to one of Dr. Hanna's staff member, I knew I was in the right place. I had the vaginal reconstruction 2 years ago and it has changed my life. I have no children and was born this way and had no idea that this could be fixed. Thank you again Dr Hanna.


I would like to thank Maria and Tammy - Dr. Hanna's personnel, who greatly helped me to overcome my fears about vaginal rejuvenation procedures. You created a welcoming, friendly, trusting atmosphere. Dr. Hanna was so helpful and patient. Thank you again.


I want to thank Dr. Hanna and his wonderful staff. I used to have not the most beautiful labia from my childhood and all these years it always meant for me having intercourse only in the dark. I was too embarrassed to admit that there was something wrong with me. But it always meant that I couldn't relax enough - I always was self-controlling - so I couldn't really enjoy my sexual life enough. I'm so happy that I heard about this procedure and Dr. Hanna. He was so patient with me, very attentive to my concerns. It basically changed my life! Believe it or not, I'm enjoying my life now! I treasure so much what you've done for me!

Diane R, Arizona

I can't highly enough recommend Dr. Hanna for vaginal rejuvenation procedures. I was amazed by the results! It helped tremendously! After having 3 kids, I almost lost all the sensation and I also felt that my husband was dissatisfied. Now, we feel like newly weds:), we are really enjoying each other. Thank you Dr. Hanna for bring back happiness in our lives!!!

Tricia B.

I'm thrilled with the results of vaginoplasty. Thank you Dr. Hanna and staff.

A.M., Ventura County

Outpatient Bladder Repair*

*There's no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary from person to person.

I'm a manager of a rather big company and have to look my best all the time. I've struggled with my bladder for a few years now. One day, I heard a commercial on the radio about the outpatient bladder repair - it was an answer to my problems - I couldn't spend several days in a hospital. After the surgery, I feel like a different person. I don't have to be alert about my personal "little" problems, I can concentrate more on my work. Plus, it gives me more confidence. I feel at least 10 years younger:). Thank you Dr. Hanna and your nicest staff.


I can't thank enough Dr. Hanna and his staff. I only wish I knew about the bladder repair earlier. It really changes your life. You are all wonderful cheerful people! It is a pleasure to come to your office and be surrounded by such great people!

Sylvia O.

Thank you Dr. Hanna and Tammy. I did the outpatient bladder repair and it had great results. I recommend it to all women, especially after 50 years old :) Girls, believe me, this is what we need :)

Diana M., Ojai

Bladder repair helped me a lot. Every year, when our "California" winter was coming, I was afraid to get sick - and mostly because I was terrified at sneezing at work. I was so self-conscious. I used to run to the bathroom every half and hour — most of the time just in case... You are not going to believe how much things can change. I go to meet my friends and I laugh a lot, I walk on the beach. I even signed up for a yoga class. I recommend Dr. Hanna, his professional staff and this procedure to everyone!


Liposuction Procedures:
Smartlipo & Vaser Liposuction*

*There's no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary from person to person.

Throughout the complete liposuction procedure I felt at ease in Dr. Hanna.  He explained the benefits and risks of the procedure to me which helped relieve my fears and worries.  He never pushed me to make a decision to have liposuction.  Dr. Hanna and staff took great care of me - making sure I am comfortable and relaxed. They always treat me with respect – very professional and considerate!

Thomas Berg

I had my liposuction done 2 months ago at La Nouvelle. Dr. Hanna and his staff had taken such great care of me. Dr. Hanna did such a great job that you can't tell I had work done at all. It appears to be very natural. The incision marks are so little. I saw results right away and it’s totally amazing. I am 100% satisfied with the results and the level of care I experienced from Dr. Hanna and his staff. Thank you!

Rebecca L

My liposuction was a great success and I am sooo happy with the results. I would definitely recommend this procedure to anyone that has a problem area they cannot get rid of. My clothes fit better now. I feel sexier, more confident and no longer afraid to be noticed anymore! I would definitely return to La Nouvelle for more!

Helen, Woodland Hills

The liposuction procedure that I had with Dr. Hanna was surprisingly painless and the recovery just past by so quickly! I am so very delighted with the results and would definitely recommend La Nouvelle for making my first liposuction experience smooth and satisfying. Thanks for helping to make my lifelong dream come true.

Jessica O., Ventura 2013

I am incredibly thrilled with my results of tummy, inner/outer thigh liposuction done at La Nouvelle. I have a flat stomach for the first time. I can already wear skirts and shorts that used to be too tight on my thighs. My husband loves the results and I am so confident on how great I look - healthy and natural! Thank you.

Susie G., Thousand Oaks

I never had a chance to lose my “baby” fat no matter how much I worked out. I feel like for the first time in my entire life that I have eventually lost it. It’s only been a week since my liposuction procedure and I can tell an enormous difference better than I ever anticipated. Very minimal bruising & bearable swelling. I am very happy with the way the entire procedure was taken care of.

Maria R., Orange County

I had a liposuction surgery at La Nouvelle and over 7 liters fat and fluid were removed from my abdomen and thighs. Dr. Hanna carefully monitored my progress with several follow-up sessions and he made sure that everything went perfectly. 1 month after the procedure, I had dropped from a size 13 to a size 9 and still losing. I am really impressed with my liposuction results. Thank you


I am very grateful and delighted to Dr. Hanna for helping me achieved a perfect body at the age of 40 better than the one I had when I was 21. Dr. Hanna took just a few hours to accomplish what I had been trying to attain for the past 25 years. I truly recommend Dr. Hanna, for I believe him to be the best surgeon in this field with superb talent.

Maria Rodriguez

I am very pleased with the success of my operation and would definitely recommend Dr. Hanna to anyone considering liposuction. He made the procedure interesting and was very concerned that I’d be pleased with the results. I am so thankful that it was well worth the preparation, time, effort, and money invested in my liposuction operation with the expertise Dr. Hanna has possessed.

Daniel E., Ventura

Soon after acquiring 6 children, I made a decision to improve my life and eliminate the excess weight I did gain in recent times. I used to do it consistently and dropped about 60lbs. I could not imagine my frustration, even so, as I came to the realization so it looked like nearly all with vain. When I didn’t view much of a difference mainly because I did a whole lot shed skin tone draping. Honestly, I thought I looked worse than when I had all the fat! When I eventually got the strength, I started contacting around in addition to searching some sort of abdominal liposuction. Soon after talking to a few doctors, I believed I did located the best one as I stepped into Doctor Hanna’s medical spa.

Olivia D., 2012

The staff is very friendly and has always made me comfortable which is very amazing. Doctor Hanna is very kind, caring and so professional. I must know that I’ve made the right decision when I speak to him. I was so delighted by the major transformation I’ve got, after my VASER liposuction that I also underwent a breast enhancement!! I've got not any regrets along with the solely tips I am able to have for everyone is to definitely not hang and waste your chance to embrace a new life with full of excitement and contentment! My experience with Dr. Hanna and his staff has changed me once and for all. I had come to a point in my life that I had made a great decision. Words are not enough to express the good things about my whole experience with La Nouvelle Spa.


I just want to say thank you so much for the wonderful experience I had with my liposuction procedure. My tummy is flatter and my clothes fit much better. I can finally get back into my favorite pair of jeans. I am confident that anyone I refer to Dr. Hanna will be exceedingly satisfied with the services that they will be given. The medical care that La Nouvelle Spa has provided was top notch!

Julie C., Las Vegas, Nevada

I have always been interested about getting liposuction but was always scared of the pain I hear from some people. I work all the time and do not have time to work out so as I have been aging, my stomach kept getting bigger and bigger. When I met Dr. Hanna of La Nouvelle and he explained what “VASER lipo” was, I was really determined to go with the procedure. I am so happy to have had it done. After I took the procedure and follow ups, my stomach and physique looks better than ever because all the belly fat were gone, I won’t have to work very hard to get that “flat tummy” most women want to obtain. Thank you Dr. Hanna.

Clarissa Morgan

I had thought about liposuction for a very long time but didn’t think I would actually get round to having this procedure. I often found time to research this on the internet, and also where to have this done. I came across the site www.lanouvellespa.com and the more I read the more interested I became. So without much more thought I called them. As the result - I'm happy.

Cecilia M., Beverly Hills

I've done Liposuction at La Nouvelle spa 2 weeks ago. And I'm so happy with the results. My husband couldn't believe the change! My body looks much thinner. Now I'm not embarrassed to go to the beach. I didn't have any bruising it all. Dr. Hanna - thank you so much for your patience and personal attention. All the staff girls were nice and explained in the detail the procedure. Thank you again!

Stephanie L., Westlake

I would like to thank Dr. Hanna for Mommy's Rejuvenation. Thank you so much! I feel great, look great. Especially, I'm happy with the results of Breast Enhancement. I added one size to my breast:)

Helen D., Glendale

I got an e-mail from La Nouvelle about Liposuction and first thought it was just for women. I called and a nice girl on the phone explained that it can be done for men as well. I did liposuction on my stomach area. I think I look at least 10 years younger. I've done it a month ago and now I'm ready to do liposuction other parts, like my back, ... I wish I was ready for it before. I would totally recommend liposuction for all men. The procedure wasn't difficult at all, I returned to work in a couple of days. And the results are amazing! Thank you!

Michael, Laguna Beach

Dr. Hanna thank you very much for Mommy's Rejuvenation program. I did Silver package. I'm so grateful - you DO understand what a mommy needs. My family is thrilled with the results. Liposuction along with vaginal rejuvenation were the main procedures for me. I also was impressed by the results of Breast enhancement. It is a GREEN approach! Feels and looks so natural. Thank you!


La Nouvelle center - thank you for Silver package of Mommy's Rejuvenation. I did it and I love it! I checked many of the local centers and spas and you guys offered unique packages that included even more services at even lower prices. Now I can testify that not only prices but also services are great. My body looks much thinner but very natural, breast is bigger, face looks younger. Thank you!

Melissa, Santa Monica

Dr. Hanna and staff - thank you for liposuction. Your attention to details were impeccable. Love the results.

Steven Gol., Woodland Hills

La Nouvelle Spa - your Mommy's Rejuvenation program is an answer to our (moms) needs! Thank you for thinking about us. I checked the information and going to schedule an appointment. I just want to share it here so other girls could read about it. I wish I knew about this program before! I tried so many diet programs.. Cheers to La Nouvelle!

Christina, Ventura

G-Spot Injection*

*There's no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary from person to person.

I always thought I'm one of those girls who can't be sexually satisfied. It never really brought me that pleasure that I always heard of. Then, I tried the G-Spot Injection. And it worked! I'm almost 30 and only now discovering that different side of me! I decided that I will be coming to Dr. Hanna's office 3 times a year to get a G-Spot injection.

Debra L.

My husband and I are really recommending the G-Spot injections for everyone. It changed our lives so much, brought us together, first sexually and then emotionally. Now we enjoy each other's company in so many different ways. Thank you.


I’ve also had my first ever multiple orgasm and it was great.

After the procedure (G-Spot Injection) and more information about my G-Spot, I know exactly where my G-Spot is, and how to maximize sexual gratification. Thank you!


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*There's no guarantee of specific results. Results may vary from person to person.
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